Decal Instructions

1. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the surface. Wait until it is dry to follow step 2.

2. Line up your decal to exactly where you want it once applied.

3. Use a piece of tape to attach the decal securely in place.

4. Fold back the decal, removing the white or blue backing slowly but DO NOT let the decal touch the surface yet.

5. Starting at the taped edge, begin rubbing down the decal entirely.

6. Ensure your decal has adhered completely by rubbing the decal down a few times with the edge of a credit card, ruler, or the popsicle stick provided with your order.

7. Remove the piece of tape you placed in step 3.

8. Slowly and carefully, remove the clear transfer tape from your decal from the top. If the decal begins to lift, simply lay the clear transfer tape back down so it is flat again and rub some more!

*Please note if you adhere your vinyl to water bottles, mugs/cups or anything that requires washing, please make sure to HAND WASH only.

NO dishwasher, NO microwave, NO freezer, NO harsh chemicals, NO soaking, NO scrubbing

How to Apply a Vinyl Decal