About The Blue Butterfly Designs

The unique quality about The Blue Butterfly Designs is that we are a handmade gift shop with personalized options! You can customize many details from the colour to the font to the
placement. We will work with you to bring your vision to life!
Customized items will have a blue sticker indicating that there are
personalized options available to you.

If adding that extra personal touch isn't your thing, then no problem!
Just choose one of the many already made items we have posted or you can opt to give us creative freedom. The choices are endless! We can't wait to hear from you :)

About Alyssa

My name is Alyssa. I am a mom to a beautiful seven year old daughter who is my entire world! I work part-time as an Early Childhood Educator and the rest of my free time goes to being a maker. I started making
greeting cards back in 2014 when I decided to make a handmade card for my Aunt. That's when I created my first facebook page titled, "Alyssa Weber Designs." 

The rest is pretty much history. With my love of photography, graphic design and crafting, it took me no time to pick up on new and exciting challenges in creating unique stylized greeting cards. I began tackling new projects quite quickly, and was able to learn a lot of different techniques in card making over the next year. While I knew I wasn't going to get rich in my new found hobby, I found it comforting to know that I was doing something that I actually ​​​​​love doing.

A year later, I changed the name to my page to "The Blue Butterfly Designs" in memory of my late Grandmother and my Mom (Marie) joined forces with me! I purchased a Cricut finally and suddenly the creative doors opened everywhere! We expanded our horizens and started making more creations ranging from crochet items to party decor to Christmas bulbs to customized t-shirts. My Mom and I both have a creative thumb so there's not much we won't try to create!

About Marie

Marie joined The Blue Butterfly Designs in 2017-2018 when we decided to put our skills together. Hence, why we are now the Crafty Mom & Daughter duo! :)

She has one daughter (me) and one granddaughter who she absolutely adores. She spends her time caring for her granddaughter and gardening. She loves to travel and of course, to craft! 

Marie has always had a knack for being creative but she has been able to focus more on crafts since she retired in 2019. She started with crocheting and now has evolved into the art of wreath making. Her wreaths are truly one of kind and every single wreath is full of love and hours upon hours of hard work. She is the wreath queen!